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The rays of happiness, like those of light, are colorless when unbroken"
Harry W. Longfellow
Trauma, Grief
 and Family Addiction Coach
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     I am:
Certified Trauma Recovery Coach
Addiction Recovery Coach
Grief Recovery Specialist
Certified Family Addiction Recovery Coach
Proud member of the Al-Anon Family
A Family Member Who Loves Someone With a Substance Use Disorder
​Just Like Anyone Else

     I first began to study the effects of Trauma, years into dealing with a loved one's addiction  in my family.  Since that time, I have devoted my life to helping others deal with the effects of the disease of addiction.  As I delved more deeply into it, I realized that trauma and grief were prevelent in a huge portion of people who suffer the disease.

      When I first started dealing with my loved one's addictions, I had no idea that those underlying core issues were at the forefront of their disease.  It was easy to look down on this person who just wouldn't stop drinking and drugging.  I could not undertand why someone would choose to do this to themselves.  I didn't realize their addiction was NOT a choice.  I spent so much time overwhelmed with confusion, guilt and with absolutely no knowledge of the disease of addiction, I was spinning my wheels trying to "fix it".  I was so wrapped up in my own guilt of what I may have done to cause this, somehow, I couldn't see that my loved one was in pain. 

   I got busy in my own recovery, as a family member of someone who suffers the disease.  I went to Al-anon meetings, and learned as much as I could. I also sought counseling. It was then I realized, after I got over my own predisposition to the disease, that there was something very painful at the core of every person who suffers from it.  I sought to get further educated and became a Recovery Coach, Trauma Coach and Grief Recovery Specialist.

  No Doubt, Our lives change when a loved one suffers, and we may experience any or all of the following:
                                                    Complex Trauma-from living 
                                                    with a loved ones addiction.                                                                                                  Financial Concerns
                                                    Mood Swings
                                                    Extra Responsibilities with Child Rearing
                                                    Balancing job and household responsibilities when                                                     the other person is too incapacitated
                                                     to do so at times.

There is help, there is support, there is hope and there is healing.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain

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 The person loving and caring for an individual who suffers from Trauma, PTSD, Depression, Grief or an Addiction, needs support for themselves to handle the complex stress and changes that come about as the result of someone else's illness.

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