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The rays of happiness, like those of light, are colorless when unbroken"
Harry W. Longfellow
Trauma, Grief
 and Family Addiction Coach
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    Through this site, I hope you have found descriptions of resources you or your loved one can utililze to begin your journey of recovery.  Whether it be from a Tramatic past, Complex Trauma, Grief or  help with a family member's Substance Use Disorder.

    I would be honored to have your feedback and comments in the Guest Book. If you would like to begin a path free from emotional pain, please reach out and reply to the contact information to the left.  

    If you would like to send me a personal email, please feel free to hit the "Email Me"  button provided, and an email will come directly to me. We can begin your journey, at your pace. You will come to trust that l would never do anything that you are uncomfortable with along your journey. Having been the survivor of Trauma and Grief and having a family member suffer a Substance Use Disorder, I undertand and will bring you through the process of recovery, gently, at your pace.

    Thank you for visiting my site!  

    Nancy :)